Industrial Environment
Health & Safety

Whether in industry, large construction or excavations, organizations are obliged to take the measures necessary to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all persons across dynamic, often hazardous environments as well as the security and maintenance of plant and equipment. It is imperative to build intelligence into these environments in order to conform to intensifying regulatory requirements and the requirements of insurance companies. Equally important is to be in a position to demonstrate that substantial measures are being taken to conform, and present fine grained audit reports.

Some of the many features supported by the Evolvea suite of technology and services include:

Personnel Health & Safety
  • Smart card authentication – not just on site, but exact locations
  • Enforce usage of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Real-time monitoring and registration of people relative to policy (e.g. 2 man principle in hazardous areas)
  • Monitoring of volatile landscapes (e.g. Mud slide dangers) and the stability of pre-fabricated buildings
  • Monitoring, detecting and correlating a wide array of environmental parameters, performing preventative diagnostics as situations evolve. E.g. Using tell-tale signs of pending danger, and evacuating areas
  • Management of emergencies through unified communications’ systems and applicative workflows
  • Elevated focus on high risk zones – i.e. Where material or equipment is transported at a height Generation of visual or acoustic alarms to manage evacuations. Roll-call to ensure evacuations have been completed or the localization of persons still located in the “danger zone”.
  • Interconnected digital signage and hand-held devices for
Location Security & Management
  • Management of monitored area and potential interference
  • Access control- Control of vehicle authorization and Audio-Video intercom
  • Management and localization of equipment
  • Real-time monitoring and registration of vehicles and equipment deployed at any one time across the site
  • Environmental monitoring – Gases*, Noise, Wind speed & direction, Humidity levels etc
  • Environment Management – Air quality, HVAC,
  • Monitoring of energy consumption, highlighting areas of over consumption – e.g. Water Leakage, Excess lighting etc.
  • Security and Anti-theft measures: Sensors to monitor intrusion or unauthorized relocation of equipment.
*(dusts and (PTS); carbon Monoxide (CO); Ozone (O3); Carbon dioxide (CO2); nitrogen monoxide (NO); nitrogen dioxide (NO2); sulfurous dioxide (SO2); flammable gases; benzene; smokes and dusts;)
Management & Compliance
  • Full Audit trail - End to end data warehousing of incidents, and indeed adherence to policy
  • Management of attendance – Presence of employees relative to requirements. The Evolvea application suite contains time management modules which in turn can be fully integrated with Human Resource applications