Smart Building

Whether new builds or refurbs, Smarter buildings are more efficient,
cost effective, safer and comfortable

Imagine if our buildings could talk to us.

They would tell us where we are wasting money, where we have loop holes in our security and indeed where people or property are in danger due to environmental conditions.

The modular Smart Platform from Evolvea is designed for building operators, facilities manager and EHS persons to seamlessly integrate this intelligence into the every-day operation of their buildings, resulting in more secure & pleasant environments, at significantly lower costs.

Some features enjoyed by our clients include:

Energy Management
  • Optimization of energy and water consumption through detailed analysis of consumption relative to usages, location and times of consumption. This includes systems such as Lighting and Heating, HVAC, Water consumption (e.g. detect leakages, avoid electricity peaks etc.)
  • Automation of technical systems by means of remotely controlled actuators and real-time diagnostics
Smart Building Security
  • Fire prevention, structural monitoring, detection of combustibles, water leakages, electrical defects
  • Localization of people and equipment relative to building management rules
  • Anti-penetration – Centralized surveillance, motion detection and alarm systems
  • Audio / Visual Intercom systems
Access Management & Smart Parking
  • Vehicle number plate recognition in accordance with permissions and identity management of permitted persons
  • Car park monitoring for permitted vehicles and reserved parking spaces; Violations are alerted in real-time
  • Networked Intercom
  • All events are recorded which again, offer very high levels of security and indeed evidence should this be required
Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring for the safety and comfort (air quality , presence of specific types of pollutants , noise pollution, radon monitoring , etc.)
  • Monitoring of electromagnetic pollution: radiofrequency field level. Detect continuous and alternating magnetic fields and their levels
Structural Monitoring
Our wireless sensors (inclinometers, strain gages, accelerometers) detect any structural movements or changes within a building. This enables the real-time detection of potentially dangerous situations, and evacuation procedures can be immediately invoked accordingly.

This is very important in areas of seismic activity, as well as on large construction sites where temporary structures can often be susceptible to earth movement.
Connectivity (digital signage advertising, addressing users, etc.)
Smart Find
The real-time location system allows the active tag localization through triangulation signals received from three reference points referred to as Fixed Tags. The spatial density and positioning of these Tags (Radio Buoys) is scalable relative to the degree of accuracy required.
Smart Meter
SmartMeter is deployed for the automatic reading of water meters and the transmission of consumption data wirelessly. The SmartMeter is the only remote system that can be installed on any type of existing counter.

Thanks to the unique technology of Evolvea, existing water meters are equipped with a special wireless reader which captures images of the dial counter, which are converted into consumption data for further processing. Images are archived to support any cases of dispute. The Evolvea SmartMeters are battery operated, which thanks to a highly efficient processing technology, have a life span of between 10 to 15 years by normal operation.