Smart Security

There is no such thing as some security; it is either secure or it isn’t.
Fully integrated, 3600 Smart Security platform from Evolvea

Imagine if our buildings & property could talk to us.

They would tell us where we are wasting money, where we have loop holes in our security and indeed where people or property are in danger due to environmental conditions.

The modular Smart Platform from Evolvea is designed for building operators, facilities manager and EHS persons to seamlessly integrate this intelligence into the every-day operation of their buildings, resulting in more secure & pleasant environments, at significantly lower costs

Some features enjoyed by our clients include;

Intrusion monitoring
Our network of sensors will detect the presence of unauthorized persons in specific areas, and trigger alarms which include the on demand streaming of the intruder location. Wearable tags will identify authorized persons, hence avoiding false positives
Perimeter security
Using a wide range of sensor including vibration sensors for perimeter fencing, one can detect activities along the perimeter which deviates from the planned. Similarly, our Smart Wearables can be used by authorized personnel, hence differentiating between authorized and unauthorized presence
Smart tracking - Anti theft security
Unlike traditional GMS systems, Evolvea SmartTracking leverages off our SmartNetwork technology, hence can operate in both in-door and outdoor environments, at a much lower costs, and higher levels of reliability. Bi-directional communication, real-time positioning and communication with other devices on the Evolvea SmartNetwork, have propelled our Smart Tracking solution to the most complete, innovative and cost effective on the market.
Smart Video Surveillance
Built upon our technology platform, Smart Cameras for stills and streaming has been developed for deployment in virtually any surrounding. In conjunction with other elements of the Evolvea SmartPlatform, enables clients to collect images based upon incidents registered by other elements of the platform. This could range from the simple presence of persons, through to the detection of very clear security infringements
Access control
The IPView Automatic Number Plate Recognition system coupled with Smart Cards authentication provide the ideal basis for integrated Access Control. In addition, the Networked Intecrom module is the ideal complement for holistic access control solutions,