Cloud and Out-Tasking - the emergence of a winning IT model

The term Cloud computing is being banded about by analysts and vendors alike, with a wide array of perspectives and conclusions. How about analyzing the Cloud from the perspective of user needs by answering some fundamental questions:

How does one realize optimal benefits from the Cloud model?
Can the Cloud help realize business objectives in a terms of effectiveness and
Is the Cloud ready to replace traditional IT? Are the organizations ready for the Cloud? Can both models live together

Evolvea has introduced its Global Cloud Solutions’ (GCS) services to deliver Cloud and transition Services to our customers in accordance with their exact requirements. GCS provides standard platform Cloud Services (Backup, Perimeter Security etc.) together with ICT expertise performed by highly qualified and focused specialists for specific activities.
Out-Tasking is evolving into the winning paradigm for clients who understand their organization’s potential of the Cloud, whilst understanding the Clound needs to be complemented by high levels of expertise for certain activities.
The Filippetti S.p.A. services of Cloud and Out-Tasking is quickly emerging as a winning IT strategy across its traditional and new customer base. One or more specialized IT tasks, in combination with Cloud Services offers our clients all the benefits of the Cloud, while ensuring key tasks are carried out by appropriately skilled professionals, within their organizations.






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