Infrastructure as a Service

The Cloud with your Business at the core

The simple engagement of external RESOURCES and SERVICES is not enough to ensure the delivery of optimal infrastructure to application users. In order to create the correct Cloud architecture, it’s is important to conduct, a thorough analysis on the real performance requirements, and impact analysis on the infrastructure already in production as well as to consider the integration with existing IT processes. We are not just referring to the management of a hybrid model, but a dynamic hybrid model in transition, a transition that needs to be managed in a expert way to avoid issues and excess expenditure. Since 2007, Evolvea has been offering IaaS services to Public and Private organizations, and quickly recognized the need to offer the additional services to organizations throughout the change.

The services offered are summarized in the following diagrams:


The Evolvea Cloud Services entail the architecting and engineering of both private and public Clouds as well as hybrids.


The Evolvea Cloud Services are characterized as follows:

  • Detailed assessment of the systems and processes for which the Cloud resources are required
  • Determine the performance required and the architecture of the infrastructure required to deliver it
  • A dynamic model ensuring the evolution of the system in accordance with requirements, with a view to keeping costs to a minimum, without compromising quality
  • Availability of the skillset required to manage the transition and ramp up the necessary skillsets as and when feasible
  • Technical monitoring
  • Integration of Out-Tasking with PaaS Service Level Support


Private Cloud As with other Cloud models, private Clouds will provide computing power and storage as a service within a virtualised environment using an underlying pool of physical computing resource. The Private Cloud is located within the Customer’s permimeter where organisations wish to retain all data assets within their perimeter. Evolvea is specialized in the realization and management of on Private Cloud solutions on the customer’s premises guaranteeing optimal and measurable services in accordance with our scalable SLA model.

The Private Cloud Services offered by Evolvea offers the benefits of the Cloud, whilst customers retain all data assets within their perimeters.

Public Cloud The Evolvea Public Cloud Services offer clients the possibility to obtain all or some of their IT processes via the Evolvea Cloud, accessing the underlying computing and storage resources via a virtual model, hence “as a service”. The Evolvea public cloud offers you
  • A pool of dedicated, specialist resources
  • Three TIER data space in accordance with performance requirements
  • Custom & dynamic resource allocation in accordance with requirements
  • Creation of the Virtual Network and the service access model
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery from the hosted VM
  • Dedicated virtual perimeter security
  • Dedicated virtual VPN
  • Access to the monitoring services for the Cloud resources and virtual machines
  • Dedicated service desk for change management support and architecture design

The public Cloud model offers unprecedented levels of both technical and commercial flexibility. Commercial models are based on the real consumption only, whilst the infrastructure required is available at all times, ensuring business processes are running at all times. In addition, Evolvea has acquired many years of experience in the migration to the public Cloud, ensuring a seamless migration for all our customers, at all stages of the process. Through the use of LPAR or dedicated Hardware, it is also possible to enhance the same Cloud Services for assets which for some reason, cannot be or should not be operated in a virtual environment.


Hybrid Cloud Very often organizations find themselves in situations where IT infrastructure Workloads exceed the average for which their data centers are specified. This may cause the intrusive introduction of additional resources, which will result in excess capacity and expenditure. The Hybrid Cloud model from Evolvea enables the integration of our customers’ data centers across diverse geographical locations virtually, with the Evolvea Cloud Services. The Hybrid Cloud is the combination of Public and Private Cloud platforms, enabling the availability of additional resources as and when required, without the necessity of adding new resources to the data center. The integration of Backup and Monitoring services which are offered as part of the Hybrid Cloud Services (or indeed Private Cloud), are designed to offer major benefits for the simplification of internal processes.


Cloud Storage As part of our IaaS Cloud Suite, the Evolvea Cloud Storage solution enables clients to tap into our highly secure data storage facilities. Placing data security and integrity at the forefront, Filippetti S.p.A. uses the http protocols and compliance with the IT S3 SOAP/REST interface, enabling our customers to extend their data space for use by the business users to archive their documents in a transparent and secure way. The Evolvea Cloud Storage can be natively integrated for:
  • Backup Vaulting
  • File Sync
  • File Sharing
The Evolvea Cloud Storage services initiates with a study of the processes for integration, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and transparency to the end user. The exclusive localization within data centers distributed across the national territory, guarantees compliance to the various norms surrounding data storage regulations, and in the area of Data Vaulting with a view to complying to data security standards