Platform as a Service

Obtain efficiency and resources, without losing control. Highly advantageous is the transformation of it services into processes. Today it is feasible

Evolvea Platform As A Service model is designed with the following objectives in mind:

  • Cost optimization for the management of IT services, whilst retaining high levels of flexibility
  • Manage complex technologies
  • Integrate the processes with the existing infrastructures and processes
  • Seamless adaption of the services in accordance with requirements as they evolve


Backup as a Service (BaaS)

Modern technologies consist of features which gurantee the absolute security and integrity of organizational data. Often, however, the implementation and adaption of these technologies can be an arduous task, and requires high levels of expertise. For this reason, Evolvea offers Back Up As A Service to its customers, availing of state of the art technologies and certified skill sets, without needing to acquire this in-house. This offers:

  • Elevare i livelli di sicurezza
  • Semplificare la gestione della recovery
  • Ridurre i costi legati alla recovery

The Evolvea BaaS:

  • Full Cloud model for small data volumes
  • For larger data volumes, an appliance is installed at the client data center for “Short Term Retention”
  • Vaulting in the Filippetti S.p.A. Cloud for DR and / or “Long Term Retention”
  • Self service console (Short and Long Term)
  • Analysis of the recovery requirements
  • Custom recovery solutions, depending upon specific requirements – This is possible thanks to the wide array of options available for the configuration of such services.
  • Adaption of the recovery services in accordance with technology changes


The Evolvea BaaS model is designed to offer a complete coverage of recovery requirements across the organization, and not just for the application of backup logic to specific environments such as virtual for example, but also to respond to all requirements across the enterprise.

The Service includes:

  • Service configuration for all platforms, (Virtual or Physical)
  • Integration of File Server, Mail Box and databases, in the recovery process
  • Multi-Site Architecture
  • Local appliance installation (when it is necessary to have a local cache to guarantee fast restore turnaround times)
  • Configuration of the recovery agent on server (useful for peripheral sites with limited services)
  • Data encryption for the transfer of the data from between sites and the local repository or to the Cloud Storage
  • Native deduplication is integrated even in cases where an agent is installed directly on the server
  • Data deduplication and compression – optimize and minimize data volumes


The use of Enterprise Class technologies, enables the comprehensive coverage of all the technologies present within the data center of Large and Medium Sized organizations.


Full Security + Antivirus

Data security is a constantly moving target, with new and more refined threats arising on a daily basis. Organizations need to ensure their security systems are kept upto date and are familiar with the latest threats, and are deployed with great levels of expertize.
Evolvea offers a holistic security as a service package, designed to enable organizations to avail of the most upto date security technologies and defense solutions on the market.

The Evolvea Security As A Service focuses on 3 main areas:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Data Access Governance – going to the core of the organization’s data assets
  • Antivirus


Perimeter security entails:

  • Firewalling
  • Perimeter Anti Virus
  • Anti Span
  • Web Filtering
  • User Authentication
  • Instant messaging & Peer to Peer Filtering
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS – Detection & Prevention)
  • VPN Concentrator (Site to Site and Mobile, IPsec and Clientless)


Data Access Governance:

  • Highly innovative models are emerging on the market which enable the monitoring of data assets, and ensuring these are only accessible or indeed access by authorized persons. Filippetti S.p.A. offers a security solution which enables;
  • Monitoring of all activities
  • Activitiy enrichment with data from directory services, security systems and HR
  • Real-time alerts for unwanted access provisioning or activities
  • Classification of unstructured data (“Who has access to HR data?”)
  • Access request and recertification portals
  • Full Audit Trail

The Antivirus security complements the perimeter security, hence offering a Full Security Solution for the protection of servers within the client data center. Each area of security is constantly monitored, and the Filippetti S.p.A. Security services entails the continuous update of security technologies and constantly monitoring for security loopholes. Our customers can monitor their security environments via a portal and indeed obtain detailed information about incidents and remediaton. This way our customers can at all times have their finger on the pulse with regards to their security status, and have a clear overview of any incidents that may have occurred. This is very suitable especially for centralized structures.

Test and Development

For Test and Development, purposed, it is often necessary to have several copies of the Production Database exist at anyone time. This enables testing of different features, and rollback to previous versions. This places a huge demand on the IT infrastructure in terms of computational and data storage resources. It is often estimated that as little as 25% of data space is used for production data, the rest is used for Test and Development purposes. Cost and performance degradation to production environments caused by Test and Development efforts, place major strains on IT resources and often resulting in bureaucratic resources with regards to what can be tested, and when.

The concept of Virtual Database enables the simple recreation of copies of the virtual database in a few minutes, without consumption of infrastructural resources. Development organizations can access the Filippetti S.p.A. self service virtual database portal and create copies of their databases for test and development process, complete with intuitive interface for features such as roll back.


Evolvea avails of a highly innovative technology which enables the virtualization of databases, all offered as a service via our platform:

  • Remove unnecessary & expensive database redundant capacity, reserved for test and development
  • Reduce the turnaround time to create accurate copies of the database for test purposes
  • Improve test and development processes – capable of testing on more instances of production database
  • Address bureaucracy required for the management of resources

The combination of this technology with the Evolvea Cloud platform, for IaaS and PaaS services, offers customers access to a service which addresses major cost and resources issues once and for all., whilst offering development teams greater levels of flexibility in their development activities.



Log Management

Log management entails the collection and storage of large volumes of computer generated data. This is mainly driven for security and compliance purposes, as it provides organizations with the ability to monitor and/or forensically research activities within their environments.

The Evolvea log management As A Service enables:

  • Analysis of the application environment of Log management
  • Activation of the Log Management services

With regards to the first activity, if the customer wants to review the formal aspects with regards to compliance, consulting in the areas of organization, technical and legal, are required to realize conformance to the target regulations:

  • Identification and description of the individual environments (servers, database etc.) and the assignment of responsibility to specific persons
  • Implementation of the infrastructure for the tracing all access by the administrators to devices and their applications. The system is designed for the collection, secure transfer and storage of log data, guaranteeing and demonstrating data integrity for a period of 6 months
  • Potential modifications to policies with regards to internal or regulatory requirements
  • Scheduled trend analysis of the log data for the responsible persons using Key Performance Indicators as identified by experts in graphical and intuitive way
  • Read only access (i.e. Data cannot be tampered with)
  • In accordance with country Privacy Policy, nominate an external resource as a sort of Escrow agent. This offers a permanent legal technical support for the retrieval of log data in a way which guarantees both the authenticity and integrity of the data should this be requested by authorities or data controller

The service entails the installation of a specialized agent on the target environment for the collection of log data. This is sent to the Evolvea data center for further processing, where the data is managed in accordance with the legal requirements.



Disaster Recovery

[sc name=Due_colonne contenuto=’Pursuent of specific data security strategies, Evolvea DR services entail:

  • The physical and virtual distribution of the data center, extending the SAN geographically
  • Data compression and data deduplication – data volume reduction
  • Data encryption for secure data transfer
  • Data Vaulting for data backup


This enables the design, implementation and management of highly custom DR solutions for our customers. As part of the Filippetti S.p.A. PaaS service, clients can remotely access all components for the seamless implementation of a comprehensive DR environment.
In accordance with business impact, risk and regulatory analyses, recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) parameters are defined at a granular level and subsequently implemented. This analysis is entailed in the DR services offered by Filippetti S.p.A, tapping into our methodology developed over many DR projects and our pool of experts.


A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is drafted; which will contain the following main elements:

  • Identification of scenarios which may result in a state of disaster
  • Activities necessary for the timely restoration of business services
  • Maximum elapsed time allowed for backup – i.e. between data creation and security of this data
  • Maximum elapsed time allowed between identification of a disaster and full recuperation
  • Evolvea implements the DR environment accordingly, and commits to the metrics defined


The service model entails:

  • Control and maintenance of the DR environment
  • Periodic tests
  • Adaption and upgrade of DR environment in accordance with the IT services provided
  • Ad-hoc activation of DR processes should necessity arise (i.e. specific requests)


Possible DR As A Service models are:

  • Backup Vaulting
  • Storage Level Replication
  • Service Level Replication


Backup Vaulting as a DR service is an extension of the PaaS data Backup service to guarantee RPO can be delivered via the Cloud Services already delivered by Evolvea or on the premises of the customer, activating the vaulting processes to the Evolvea Cloud Storage. Our service entails two backup cycles to ensure data integrity which addresses possibility of unforeseen events during the Vaulting phase.

Evolvea DR services are stipulated in our Service Level Agreements, which imply:

  • Implementation of the necessary infrastructure
  • Quality Assurance
  • Restoration of backup data
  • Return to production of the data

The model includes:

  • Allocation of the data space required for Vaulting
  • Definition of the performance pool required for the activation of the systems
  • Definition of the SLA
  • Definition of the maximum time of the availability of the resources
  • Provision the infrastructure required
  • Define the disaster escalation procedure
  • Activate online backup services – in parallel to normal production (when Back up As A Service is already being delivered by Evolvea)
  • Definition of a roll back procedure and realignment with the production environment upon restoring





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