Strategies of innovation in the digital era, enhance competitive positions, creating a sustainable future

The new economic reality is characterized by some important factors that are no longer independent but increasingly interconnected with each other and generate competitive advantage, if properly managed, enhanced and communicated. The Group also provides Management Consulting services to Private and Public organizations in order to facilitate their development, research and innovation. Amongst our competencies, we initiate funded projects, and manage the process of funding applications. Funds are typically available in the areas of: Industrial Research, Internationalization, Training, Innovation , Competitive Development and trade relations. The Group operates by means of cutting-edge know-how and technologies, in collaboration with academic research institutions, in line with the international and national best practices and regulatory requirements. The Group views its customers as business partners, listening to their requirements whilst enhancing these with industry best practices. Together we define, implement and manage flexible tailor-made, future proof solutions. In addition, the Group provides innovation services in terms of technology, organization, administrative simplification and on Fiscal & Tax matters. In a context where adjustment to ever-changing regulations is a must, the Group provides its clients with the ideal platform to remain constantly up to date with changing requirements and opportunities. Fundamental to these new paradigms is the creation of learning organizations. Hence, the Group offers highly innovative and intuitive e-learning platform, designed to foster and promote people’s professional growth, throughout both private and public organizations in line with business opportunities and challenges.