Competencies, Professionalism, Integrated Solutions

Engineering works in those areas where Innovation is the driving force in seizing opportunities and addressing companies’ needs. Systems integration and technology services within organizational models, represent the new keys to competitiveness of businesses in global markets. Engineering works with its customers integrating the best technical expertise available on the market with those active in the most advanced technologies in order to help them anticipate challenges, growth patterns and business models in a global market where competition requires increasing performance levels. Our Engineering solutions have been developed in conjunction with experts in the following vertical markets: Manufacturing, Public buildings, Oil & Gas, Public Administration, Environmental Management and Energy Management. In those sectors, services based upon our SmartPlatform are designed and supplied in different application domains, including automation and building energy monitoring, smart cities, safety in the workplace, safeguarding of sites at risk, asset and people tracking, environmental monitoring, personal health and safety, automation of management processes and manufacturing.

Smart Solutions