Filippetti S.p.A: Smart Platform and even more with PC Based Automation of BeckHoff

Filippetti S.p.A in the latest issue of City Life Magazine, announces together with Backhoff, the latest Smart Platform technologies toward the world of Building Automation. Filippetti S.p.A headquartered in Falconara Marittima (AN) has developed an architecture throughout it is possible to manage plant design of private and public buildings. Pervasive monitoring of ambiental and infrastructural parameters is entrusted to Evolvea innovative sensors, which return the position in 3 D space with an accuracy of a few millimeters. An element that gives vivacity to the system is Beckhoff Embedded PC that provides the necessary calculation power in a standard Windows PC environment in order to implement compelling interfaces and also serves as an access point to the data center, where all collected data merge. The Filippetti group’s roots date back to 1974, but with a consolidation of the modern information technologies the company changes and starts making a group, together with the opening of European market branches in Germany, Switzerland and Serbia. From a traditional system integrator related to the typical information technology of worlds management (database, document systems, CRM, security ecc), Filippetti evolved its own competences putting its skills in numerous markets such as Building Automation, or better said the world of intelligent infrastructure automation. Thanks to the Smart Platform architecture, with which it is possible to manage in an integrated manner not only the technological systems of private and public buildings but also to make applications in Smart city environment.


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