Evolvea Partners’ Profile

Addressing the business models of our partners, and indeed their own eco-system, our dedicated partner management organizations has drafted a comprehensive partner program, addressing;

The emergence in the use of wearable technologies is reflected in the health & safety, productivity and customer care performances of organizations embracing this.

Communication tags can be scanned, sewn, engraved or even printed onto employ clothing, enabling the localization of persons at any given time.

  • Value Added Resellers & Systems’ Integrators.

    Technology and vertical specialists can resell, deliver and operate the technology solutions to their client markets. The degree of the partner involvement in delivery and operation is in line with their resources and expertise. Our discount and rebate program caters to project specific configurations of roles and responsibilities

  • Engineering & Construction Consultants

    Virtually all engineering project require major considerations to be placed upon EHSQ requirements both for the construction and operation of engineering subject. Evolvea or its partners implement the SmartPlatform to enable the conformance to requirements and to deem operations more safe and pleasant

  • Environmental Health, Safety, Quality Consultants

    Technology is increasingly replacing manual and time consuming EHSQ processes, and providing greater levels of granularity to adhere to audit requirements, Additionally, there is a greater trend towards bridging the gap between documentation and the technical realization of compliance activities. The real-time enforcement of policies and the subsequent water-tight documentation to conformance bridges these exact requirements

  • Software Houses and ERP

    The Evolvea IoT Cloud Platform offers APIs for the integration of Mobile and Enterprise applications. Our Application development partners avail of the platform to extract greater value from their applications thanks to the availability of greater amounts of real-time, aggregated data.

  • Industrial & Logistical Automation

    At the core of the German Government strategy termed “Industrie 4.0”, is the deployment of the Internet of Things technologies to enable Industrial plants to leverage off the intelligence being generated from within their very systems. At the core of this philosophy is the ability to create agile environments, whilst leveraging off Economies of Scale. The completely wireless nature of our networked components and their automatic geo-referencing, underlines the Evolvea commitment to this very philosophy.