Partner Program

The Smart City Market, comprised of Smart Grids, Green Buildings
(low energy consumption and high recycling of waste) and integrated low carbon transportation options is forecast
to quadruple in size by 2020 to become a $2.1 trillion market1.

SmartPlatforms are becoming essential to your business. At the core of the Evolvea SmartPlatform is the concept Internet of Things (IoT which literally enables the real-time interaction between environments, people and “things” to intelligently manage a vast array of industrial, public and environmental challenges in more efficient, advantageous and cost effective ways. As of 2014, it is estimated that 50 Billion IoT devices will be connected in the coming years, underlining the powerful value proposition of the IoT and BIG Data paradigms. Evolvea partners leverage off the Evolvea SmartPlatform to enhance and expand their solution delivery capabilities, without the need to deploy and manage this revolutionary, yet complex technology themselves.

Carve out your solution. The Evolvea SmartPlatform is based upon the building block principle of modular technology. Our partners enjoy both the holistic and scalable natures of the platform, deploying what they need, and when they need and where they need it; scaling up and scaling down, without the need for costly integration activities.

What does the Evolvea Platform offer to your business?

  • Greater ranges of features in the areas of Environment, Health, Safety and Quality, as well as more cost effective operations’ management
  • Get to market fast with a plug & play, yet customizable solutions
  • Highly scalable solution to complement existing structures, processes and applications
  • Cost effective in terms of outlay and operations
  • Backed by experts in the areas of Environment, Health, Safety and Quality in a wide variety of sectors
  • Leverage off your existing know-how, make it more valuable without needing to invest in resources

All of which leads to greater levels of profitability, lower costs and longer term customer relationships