Central to the Evolvea philosophy is the engagement of experts in the areas Environment, Health & Safety to fill the technology with highly advanced logic to effectively and efficiently deliver best in class solutions.

Our expertize entails EHS expertize across all major verticals including Public, Construction, Petrochemical & Gas, Automotive, Energy and Security. This know how is built into our solutions and methodologies, ensuring client organizations receive a truly all in one solution right through to full audit trails and certifications to ensure conformity to regulatory compliance. In addition to in-house expertise, Evolvea collaborates with partners with specific industry and enterprise expertise, thus ensuring the client receives solutions and services deemed fit for purpose by their own trusted advisors.

    We are specialized in the development and commercialization of highly custom enterprise applications. Our state of the art development methodology enables user to manage highly complex processes, whilst enjoying the benefits of intuitive, user friendly interfaces
    Constantly pushing the barriers to innovate technology which safeguards people, working and living environments, while improving lifestyles
    Technology is the enabler, subject matter expertize makes it happen