Smart Construction Site

The Internet is changing the way we all do business on almost every level. Evolvea is leading the way in construction witha revolutionary solution called SmartSite

The Smart Construction Site solution integrates monitoring of site productivity, material quantities, and materials movement with asset and fleet management to give a holistic view of site in order to make the right decision at the right time. Centralizing and simplifying the management of on-site operations maximizes efficiency, raises productivity and lowers costs for entire construction site. Smart Construction Site platform is based on SmartNetwork, a complete battery powered wireless network deployed on construction site. The wireless network receives messages of wireless tags attached to workers, machines and personal protective equipment as well as sensors that provides specific measurements. A wireless control strategy allows you to remotely automate processes you have never been able to before. Wireless transmitters are robust enough to co-exist with tough environments and allow you to reach points previously inaccessible to people and wires. Because the dynamics of process variables change at unique rates, Evolvea Smart allows you to customize devices to respond to your process variables - whether you need information every second, or a few times per shift.
SmartSite web-based application allows to quickly and easily:

  • Know when and where equipment and crews are working
  • Examine asset utilization and minimize idle times to reduce equipment depreciation and eliminate unnecessary and costly fuel burn
  • Monitor excavator and wheel loader operations
  • Manage assigned tasks and crew interference
  • Manage and make informed decisions about production efficiency
  • See continuously updated models based on construction activity
  • Scheduled reporting of business-critical information like volume and quality assurance data for easier and more accurate billing, inspections and project progress