Health & Safety Management

The health&safety of the construction workers is a very sensitive and important issue in the construction sites management

The multiple working activities to be executed in a construction site can represent a huge source of risks for the workers’ health and safety. Wearing the personal protective equipment (PPE) is fundamental to reduce and avoid on-the-job injuries, while a particularly dangerous hazard is represented by the workers’ fall down. Our Health&Safety Management solution consists in equipping respectively the construction workers and the PPE with personal badges and active tags. The workers’ badges are capable to indicate the “man down” event occurring and to localize the involved person, speeding the rescue activities. The tags inserted in the PPE, instead, are useful to verify their effective and correct use. The alerts due to the possible risks occurring as well as the geo-reference of these events can be visualized in dedicated dashboards of the SmartPlatform.


Basic Function:
  • “Man down” event identification through Inactive status of the operators revelation
  • “PPE use verification
  • “PPE correct use verification
Connected Functionalities
  • Localization of the workers involved in the “man down” event
  • Workers not wearing PPE identification


  • Localization without constraints
  • Correlation with other monitoring data

Smart Device


Battery Fed
Wireless Communication


Battery Fed
Wireless Communication