Operation Management

Assuring the materials integrity and quality, following step by step their transportation in the construction phases

In a construction sites, the materials undergo several processes and controls in different moments and places: their quality is fundamental to guarantee buildings and infrastructure integrity. The control of the mechanical properties of the materials is executed in laboratories on samples taken from the building site. Tracking the materials specimens’ path from the building site to the test laboratories is essential to avoid any alteration and irregularity during their transportation. Our Operation Management system, allows inserting localization tags into the samples and their eventual envelopes in a permanent way, in order to track their position with flawless precision. All the data regarding the position of the material specimens in terms of time and space are available in apposite sections of the SmartPlatform, with geo-referenced visualization.


Basic Function:
  • Material samples localization
Connected Functionalities
  • Material samples integrity assurance


  • Frameworks and material specimens envelopes equipped with localization tags reuse

Smart Device

(Localization Reference)

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Access Tag

Battery Fed
Wireless Communication