Smart Healthcare

Evolvea Smart Platform Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare organizations face a myriad of challenges with regards to the cost effective management of operations and compliance within their quite complex, yet highly sensitive organizations.

The Smart Technology platform from Evolvea Switzerland, is playing host to a wide range of applications for the management of healthcare facilities and processes, demonstrating unprecedented levels of innovation, cost effectiveness, agility and scalability. The “Edge to Core” platform is delivered as a highly custom Software Service, based upon a fully integrated, and future proof technology platform.

What can Evolvea Smart Platform do for healthcare:

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Bringing intelligence to mobile devices
  • Environment & Building management
  • Geo referenced coordination of emergencies
  • Safety, Security & compliance
  • Facility and process operations
  • Integration with Enterprise systems
  • Fine grained audit trail


  • Hospital Management

    » Assets and as built Management
    » Planned Activities Management
    » Real Estate file Management
  • Energy Management

    » Environmental Monitoring
    » Energy Metering
    » HVAC Monitoring & Automation
    » Lighting Automation
  • Health & Safety Management

    » Structural Safety
  • Service Management

    » Digital Signage
  • Waste Management

    » Waste Disposal
  • Environmental Management

    » Noise Monitoring
  • Security Management

    » Indoor Access Control
    » Video Surveillance
  • Water Management

    » Water Leakages