Ambient Assisted Living

Solutions to support the changing of our society

Our society is changing: the population is getting older; the number of elderly needing appropriate care and assistance is always increasing.
The Ambient Assisted Living represents a panel of modern solutions to make the elderly’ lives easier and more comfortable, in order to reach the goal of the “good ageing”, as established by the Horizon 2020 European policies. In this field, we can offer several and completely customized solutions to make the everyday life of elderly easier, safer and more comfortable. On the basis of contingent real needs, we can develop appropriate solutions to make everyday objects smart: through our sensors, is possible to make their use easier and safer for people with a reduced movement capability, while with very simple and not invasive objects to wear, it is possible to determine the main health parameters to monitor, avoiding the elderly transfer to apposite medical structures.


Basic Function:
  • Doors/windows opening control
  • Vital parameters control
Connected Functionalities
  • “Man down” case occurring identification
  • Energy monitoring


  • Patients’ health control without wearing sensors
  • Elderly designed dashboards for the comfort parameters control
  • Patient tracking
  • Authorized personnel entrance control

Smart Device


Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Access Tag

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Presence PIR

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Contact REED

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Access Reader

Battery Fed Wireless Communication


Battery Fed Wireless Communication