CROMoS (Continuous Remote Odour Monitoring System) is a continuous odour impact monitoring system, through the integration of real-time measurements of concentrations of volatile organic compounds, weather variables and the elaboration of mathematical models diffusion and dispersion

The result is the ability to view the odour concentration expressed in olfactometric units, in real time, for an installation emissivity of interest.
Currently, the monitoring of odors is divided into withdrawal campaigns, analysis or ex situ measures, data processing and issuance of evaluations and interpretations of events that have already happened. The technological CROMoS system breakthrough is given primarily by the possibility of a monitoring activity of all the territory of interest real time and forecasting aspect that allows always monitoring the odour concentration data.
The purpose is to provide an “expert” system that acts as a support to the strategies, guidelines and policy decision-making, for the continuous monitoring of the impact caused by odor emissions through analysis, diagnosis and evaluations carried out in real time.

How it works

The activities consist of:

  • Site audit, for the collection of all the necessary spatial, geographical and operational characteristics
  • Development of mathematical meteorological and dispersive modelling (Calmet / Calpuff), aimed at the creation of models required to generate the maps and data concentration odorous in the spatial domain of interest
  • Campaigns of olfactometric measures on site, to support the calibration of the sensors on site and the characterization of typical emissions to use later in CALPUFF models
  • Installation of sensors and system implementation on site
  • Integration of Forecasting Service for the specific site
  • Generation of Library Scenarios for the specific site and tuning of all the recurring specific parameters in the algorithm of choice
  • Configuration of the specific GUI


Basic Function
  • Map display isoconcetration odor with fixed legend
  • Historical maps display system
  • Historical data storage system
  • Instantaneous value of OUe / m3 in pre-defined receptors
  • Data reliability
  • Real-time weather parameters: temperature, relative humidity, speed and wind direction
  • Statistics of historical weather data
Connected Function
  • Forecasting system: visualization of forecast impact up to 5 days
  • Other sensors integration (H2S, etc.)
  • PV panels fed sensors
  • Easy to install also outside

Smart Device

Volatile Odour

PV Panels Fed Wireless

Platform Application