Our water plants management identifies the leakages that cause a huge waste of resources and money

Water is a priceless resource of our planet. The execution of a constant water plant maintenance is not always enough to avoid money and resources waste due to the leakages that may occur in every duct or junction of the plants. Our Water solution is capable to identify both punctual and general water losses, that may respectively occur in single devices or into the ducts. Analyzing the acoustical waves trend into the ducts, it is possible to point out the eventual presence of the water losses inside the plant. The correct and precise identification of the water leakages allows intervening in a punctual and appropriate way, reducing the costs both related to water losses and to an identification of damage activity. We are also able to supply consumption trend data and analysis in our SmartPlatform, acquiring the consumption data through an interface with the existing water counter.


Basic Function:
  • “Water leakages identification into the external ducts
  • “Water leakages identification into single devices

Connected Functionalities

  • Consumption data acquiring, comparing the amounting before and after remedial actions

Smart Device

Water Leak

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