Health & Safety Management

The Evolvea SmartSafety platform is employed in the management of Health and Safety in hazardous workplaces such as construction sites, refineries, industry and many more

The SmartSafety platform is a fully integrated suite of battery powered sensors, procedural workflows and communication devices, to ensure the adherence to a wide range of security requirements, defined for the realization of safety and security in the workplace. Policy violations are detected in real-time, and alerts are raised in accordance with the predefined procedural workflow. A modular suite of customizable applications developed in accordance with compliance requirements and best practices for a wide variety of verticals are offered as a SaaS service, hence organizations will not be required to deploy internal resources for its management or operation.

The monitoring model:
  • Very specific rules are applied to specific areas for monitoring and the corresponding procedures when non-complying activities are detected
  • The sensors transmit real-time data to the system
  • The requirements of the Risk Assessment Documents are implemented accordingly as a control framework. These requirements control in real-time the data being collected. Violations invoke pre-defined alerts and workflows
  • Data is archived in the secure platform, and data privacy laws are respected (two man access principle)
  • Security monitoring can be both centralized and distributed”