Man Down

Cutting the rescue time in one of the most dangerous accident at work is now possible with our Man Down solution

The working activities may cause risks to the workers’ health and safety at variable levels, according to their characteristics. One of the most dangerous accidents at work that may occur is the “man down” event, unfortunately a common circumstance in contexts like plants or building sites. The time spent first to localize and then to rescue the involved workers, is a fundamental parameter for the rescue activity success. Our man down solution reveals immediately the man down event occurring and enables the localization of the fallen workers, cutting the rescue time and increasing the possibility of the rescue activity success. The sensors employed in this solution are related to the active badges assigned and worn by the workers, they analyze parameters that can be tuned depending on the operational scenario, avoiding also false alarms.


Basic Function:
  • Reveal inactive status for the operator
Main configurations:
  • Localization of the operator
  • Monitoring of PPE (double checking too)
  • Lone Worker Monitoring and Policies


  • Tunable and configurable for specific contexts
  • Correlation with other monitoring data
  • Localization without constraints

Smart Device


    Battery Fed
    Wireless Communication

Platform Application