Personal Protective Equipment

Assuring safer working conditions is now possible with our Personal Protective Equipment solution

The working activities may imply risks to the workers’ health and safety, therefore the use of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the correct way is fundamental to avoid any accidents. It may occur that workers use the PPE in an incorrect way or not at all and it is not feasible for the Health & Safety Manager, to check in every moment if the PPE are used and correctly worn. Our PPE solution solves this problem giving an alert to the H&S Manager when the PPE are not used or worn in a wrong way, revealing the movement and the posture of each PPE item. This solution makes use of sensors to be embedded in the PPE that acquire raw data defining if the PPE are utilized and correctly worn. The sensors communicate to the SmartPlatform through the active personal badges which can be assigned to the workers permanently or temporarily according to the shift schedule.


Basic Function:
  • Reveal inactive status for the operator
Main configurations:
  • Localization of the operator
  • Monitoring of PPE (double checking too)
  • Lone Worker Monitoring and Policies


  • Tunable and configurable for specific contexts
  • Correlation with other monitoring data
  • Localization without constraints

Smart Device

The PPE sensor has to be embedded in the PPE and –depending on the PPE- reveals raw data that are used for defining if the PPE is correctly used or worn. This sensor does not communicate directly with the Router but just through a badge


    Battery Fed
    Wireless Communication

    Access Tag

    Battery Fed
    Wireless Communication

Platform Application