Asset & People Tracking

Efficiency and productivity analyses are easier with our Asset & People Tracking solution

Monitoring the activities executed by people and machines inside an industry can represent an important issue in the productivity and efficiency analysis. Correlating the effective operating hours with the production data is useful to conduct productivity analysis and plan eventual improvement measures. Our Asset & People Tracking solution consists in equipping the personnel and the assets respectively with active badges and tags, which can be localized in zones where a localization network coverage is present. The sensors are able to indicate the position of people and assets real-time and with a high level of precision. Moreover, this function can be extended to the purpose of identification of authorized people. The collected data are used to elaborate resource management statistics and are available on apposite dashboards of the SmartPlatform.


Basic Function:
  • Localization and monitoring of assets & people in the context of an advanced platform for data management
Connected Functionalities
  • Equipment Monitoring (working status, efficiency and so on)
  • Personnel access authorization


  • Data Analysis for Production Diagnostics
  • Possible integration of monitoring of other aspects (safety, fire risks, security…)

Smart Device

The ACTIVE badge/tag sensor (different shapes) can be localized in a zone where there is localization network coverage. The Localization Network is composed by a number of Reference Devices.


    Battery Fed Wireless Communication

    Access Tag

    Battery Fed Wireless Communication


    Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application