Fleet Tracking

Tracking your fleet over the GPS coverage limits is now possible with our Fleet Tracking solution

Frequently, public transport or shipping companies, have several problems with a general impact on their business, linked to the accidents, malfunctioning and theft of the transportation means. The temporary or permanent loss of means can cause delays in the provided services and in the intervention needed in case of accident as well as the loss of delivering goods, with consequent damage to the brand image. Recently, these companies are making use of transportation means equipped with GPS modules in order to localize in every moment the means, but often this measure is not fully resolving since it is strictly related to the GPS coverage. Our Fleet Tracking solution is complementary to the GPS technology: our SmartNetwork integrates the GPS functionalities and is able to localize precisely the transportation means, having also a positive impact on the companies’ logistics management.


Basic Function:
  • Tracking of vehicles combining GPS and SmartNetwork
Connected Functionalities
  • Local Smart Network in the vehicle for a number of functions (i.e. tank monitor, user localization, indoor environemntal quality…) Logistics Management : item tracking and transportation


  • Working also in areas without GPS coverage
  • Combination of Monitoring Systems on the vehicle with tracking systems

Smart Device

This solution requires the equipment of each vehicle with a device including a localization tag and a GPS module, to be complementary


    Battery Fed
    Wireless Communication

Platform Application