Real Time Tracking & Monitoring

Tracking the assets and the people in your plant is easier with our real-time Tracking and Monitoring solution

Complex plants commonly present the need to manage with a strong organization the operating people, machines and means, since the overlay of different activities involves a waste of time and a decrease in the production efficiency. Our real-time Tracking and Monitoring solution, developed in cooperation with our partner Eximia is a valid support for this purpose. Our proposal consists in RFID passive sensors with specific transponders and in a stand-alone solution integrated with SmartPlatform, Meerkaat developed by Eximia. The sensors are useful to track assets and vehicles operating in plants, while Meerkaat focuses on Asset/People tracking, both outdoor and indoor, with configurable alerts and channels. This solution can be integrated with active tags too, in order to check real-time alerts conditions and update usage status to schedule maintenance and prevent plants stops.


Basic Function:
  • Assets/People real time tracking & monitoring
Connected Functionalities
  • Correlation of recognized Asset with authorizations, depending on identification with other devices: Identification Tag or Badge (active RFID) on board
  • Existing Asset, good inventory integration
  • Process automation in goods moving
  • Maintenance based on vehicle & assets usage


  • RFID technology integrated with active tags enables solutions that can operates in complex plant context where is very important to track assets and people to check real time alerts conditions and update usage status to schedule maintenance and prevent plant stops. This solution gives to wide plant context a robust solution for vehicle and assets/people monitoring in both critical environments indoor/outdoor.

Smart Device

RFID technology with specific transponder to track assets and vehicles operating in plants integrated with smartplatform localization system in indoor context.

    Indoor Localization

    Battery Fed Wireless Communication

    RFID Reader

    Battery Fed Wireless Communication

    RFID Gate

    Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application

Meerkaat developed by Eximia for stand-alone solutions integrated with SmartPlatform for logistic Projects with focus on Asset/People tracking outdoor and indoor with configurable alerts and channel.