SmartTracking is a modular platform for locating and real time tracking of assets and people in indoor and outdoor environments

Unlike traditional GMS systems, Evolvea SmartTracking leverages off our SmartNetwork technology, hence can operate in both in-door and outdoor environments, at a much lower costs, and higher levels of reliability. Bi-directional communication, localization and communication with other devices on the Evolvea SmartNetwork, have propelled our SmartTracking solution to the most complete, innovative and cost effective on the market. The tags can be easily integrated with Evolvea sensors which for example monitor the environmental conditions of the goods being tracked. Accuracy levels to within centimeters is possible, depending upon the specific requirements.


Smart Network & Reference
  • SmartNetwork: Our battery operated SmartRouters and Internet Gateway transmit tag generated data to the Evolvea data center
  • Reference: are radio buoys that serve as a reference, periodically transmitting its position to the tags. The dislocation density of reference and density is designed according to the needs of localization
Standard and Special Tags:
  • Standard Tags are based upon RFID (Radio Frequency) technology. Such tags are attached to people or assets which are to be tracked and monitored. RFIDs are available in many different form factors (e.g. Personal Badges, Silicone Bracelets or indeed remote controls, with buttons programmed for automation or alarms. Indeed certain types of assets can have the tags embedded within themselves
  • Special Tags are created for the integration with equipment or items, whose location may be key to determine the context of the service or activity


  • Management & Tracking of merchandise, perishables, materials and vehicles
  • Inventory management
  • In health care – Patient tracking, location of “the next physician” and/or equipment
  • Security: Monitoring of children, tourists, excursions
  • Hospitality: Guide guest and provide them automatic access to the amenities localization of assistance
  • Services: Documentation
  • Services: Tracking of cleaning activities, maintenance activities
  • The list of applications is endless