Energy Metering

‘Monitoring to know, knowing to act’: the Smart Energy Metering system measures the consumption of the main energy vectors of a building in a not invasive way

The Smart Energy Metering is a system which continuously measure the energy consumption in a building through several sensors and interfaces. The sensors infrastructure is not invasive because is battery fed and, without producing any changes on the existing plants, makes possible to interface them to the Smart Platform, in order to acquire the needed consumption data. The natural gas and the water flow, are measured by a pulse counter or connecting the existing analogical or digital counters to the Smart Platform through dedicated interfaces, while with only one multimeter is possible to measure till eight single-phase electric lines or two three-phase ones. The gathered data are useful to connect the energy consumption to the really needed use of the energy vectors, in order to outline consequently a more efficient energy use profile according to the needs and the tasks to carry out inside the building.


Basic Function:
  • Energy vectors monitoring
  • Energy management
Connected Functionalities
  • Energy consumption control
  • Consumption forecasting based on the real building behaviour
  • Power supply regulation based on the real buildings energy needs
  • The system could be used as support to Energy auditing


  • Energy efficiency
  • Reduction of energy bills
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions
  • TEE access (title of energy efficiency)
  • System able to anticipate the environmental and consumption conditions
  • Behavioural models to predict the users' needs
  • Control systems able to interact proactively with the end user to implement optimal control policies

Smart Device

These sensors reveal the principal energy consumptions: electric energy, lighting, fuel, domestic hot water, steam. Sensors have been installed on the main grid to monitor with an not invasive way. It is not necessary new system certifications for applied system changes.

Current Meter

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Flow Meter

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Water Meter

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Battery Fed
Wireless Communication


Battery Fed
Wireless Communication

Platform Application

Access events can be:

  • Recorded in specific event sections
  • Trigger automation and/or commands