Environmental/Lighting Monitoring

‘Monitoring to know, knowing to act’: the Smart Environmental and Lighting Monitoring evaluates the environmental parameters and identifies the improper uses of energy

The Smart Environmental and Lighting Monitoring is equipped with several sensors which measure the fundamental ambient parameters, such as: temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration rates, illuminance level, dust and gas concentration. The measured data are collected in the database of the Smart Platform and available on the web platform. The monitoring phase allows to activate then the right measures to keep the values of these quantities within certain limits in order to assure a proper and environmentally conscious use of the energy and the comfort requirements in terms of thermo-hygrometric conditions, Indoor Air Quality and Illuminance level. Analyzing the collected data is possible to build proactive/predictive control models of the plants, oriented to a balanced energy use, assuring both an energy saving and a more comfortable indoor environment.


Basic Function:
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions in indoor spaces
Connected Functionalities
  • Indoor Environmental Quality Diagnostics
  • Indoor Air Quality Diagnostics
  • Input for HVAC and Lighting System Automation


  • Full remote monitoring
  • User Comfort Enhancement
  • “Certificati Bianchi” incentives (IBS srl of Gruppo Filippetti is an ESCo company)

Smart Device

Indoor Spaces can be equipped with sensors revealing the indoor conditions: Air Temperature, Relative humidity, Surface Temperature, Infrared Temperature, Illuminance, Gas Concentration and Dust Level


Battery Fed Wireless Communication


Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application

Access events can be:

  • Recorded in specific event sections
  • Trigger automation and/or commands