HVAC Monitoring & Automation

The HVAC monitoring and automation system allows to operate the control of the most energivorous plants of a building in an eco-friendly and comfort oriented way

The HVAC monitoring and automation system is composed of sensors, interfaces and PLC, useful to monitor the internal thermo-hygrometric conditions and control the HVAC systems in order to limit the energy consumption and improving the comfort conditions in a building. This infrastructure allows to control the existing automation systems of the HVAC plants present on site, or can be composed of actuators itself. The monitored data related to the emission and generation devices, are useful to build sophisticated and probabilistic models of the users’ behaviour, in order to operate the remote control of the HVAC plants, using them in a more efficient way, according to the real energy needs of the building and to the fulfillment of the ideal comfort conditions.


Basic Function:
  • Thermohigrometric conditions monitoring
  • Thermohigrometric conditions active control
  • Thermohigrometric control applied to generator and emission systems
Connected Functionalities
  • Ensure Internal comfort
  • Energy saving
  • Possibility to link HVAC system control by Energy monitoring system


  • Possibility to control both generation systems that heat emitters from different manufacturers with a single energy management system
  • The presence of a monitoring system provide to efficiency energy management using energy during hours with lower energy rates

Smart Device

The system is able to monitor and control internal thermohigrometric conditions limiting energy consumptions, ensuring environmental comfort. Monitoring is related to system emission control (fan coil, split) and to system heating generator control.

System Interface

Battery Fed
Wireless Communication

Platform Application