Earthquake Warning

Determine the risks due to a seismic event is easier with our Earthquake Warning solution

The seismic events have an impact of variable intensity on the buildings, involving their structure, plants and, above all, their occupants’ safety. After an earthquake, there is the necessity to check the buildings status before allowing people coming back inside. The technical norms define different levels of damage in the buildings which involve several types of prevention and intervention. Our Earthquake Warning solution makes use of extensimeters, inclinometers and accelerometers, to determine the most influencing parameters on the structural behaviour of the buildings under a seismic strain. In case of earthquake this function allows knowing if there is a structural risk and estimate it on the basis of recorded data and their interpretation, supporting the definition of the most adequate risk management policy.


Basic Function:
  • In case of earthquake this function allows to know –on the basis of recorded data and their interpretation- if there is a structural risk and estimate it, supporting the definition of risk management policy and defining if the access and the use of the building are allowed or not.
Connected Function:
  • Earthquake Warning


  • Information about conformity to standards of building in a short time
Continuous Structural Monitoring

Smart Device

This solution is aimed to get the real-time updating of the storage status, connecting the existing item reading technologies with SmartPlatform. The connection can be at different levels:

  • Direct: Item directly equipped with SmartNetwork sensors
  • Indirect: SmartNetwork devices interface existing readers


Battery Fed Wireless Communication


Battery Fed Wireless Communication


Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application