Emergency Management

Panic situations can be managed better and in a safer way with our emergency management solution

During an emergency situation, panic plays a central role. Often the accidents derive from a wrong management of the escape phases due to incorrect planning of the escape ways or, more commonly, to the panic spread among the people. Our Emergency Management solution is proposed as a way to help the management of these difficult situations, aiming at the accidents reduction and at the help of escaping people. Equipping the buildings users, both the personnel and the visitors, with active tags is possible to localize them inside the building, finding the missing people and accelerating the rescue activities. In this way it is possible to reduce the accidents due to the panic situations and to support the rescuers to help immediately the missing people, without wasting of time in situations where the rescue operation time is fundamental.


Basic Function:
  • Localization of badge-equipped persons in case of emergency
Connected Function:
  • Digital Attendance
  • Localization of Missing People
  • Instruction for rescuers and emergency team


  • Electronic System not requiring electrical feeding can work even without electrical feeding
  • Real-time acknowledge of the position of badge-equipped persons (personnel and visitors)

Smart Device


Battery Fed
Wireless Communication

Access Tag

Battery Fed
Wireless Communication

Platform Application