Structural Safety

Be safe in more stable buildings is now possible with our Structural Safety solution

The stability of the buildings is a fundamental parameter influencing their users’ safety. The structural equilibrium can be weakened by several factors, some of which cause not evident damages, but often make a dangerous damaging action in the long term. Our Structural Safety solution is adequate to monitor the structural status of a building, giving an evidence of the damages caused by slow and silent phenomenon. The sensors employed in this field comprehend an inclinometer, which reveals the tilt angle of the object connected to the device in relation to the earth surface, and an extensimeter revealing the shift of the object connected to the transducer, in relation to a defined initial state. Monitoring these parameters, it is possible to intervene in good time to avoid bigger damages to the buildings and consequent accidents to their occupants.


Basic Function:
  • Monitoring of Structural Status of Buildings and Infrastructures (i.e. bridges)
Connected Function:
  • Earthquake Warning


Battery feeded Sensor
  • Easy to Install
  • Usable even in complex operational conditions where cabling would be impossible
Continuous Pervasive Monitoring

Smart Device


Battery Fed
Wireless Communication


Battery Fed
Wireless Communication

Platform Application