Art and Good Preservation

Precious art pieces and goods are more preserved with our Art & Goods Preservation

Our Arts & Goods solution can contribute to the preservation of precious art pieces or goods in an easy and not invasive way, helping in the theft prevention. Our sensors are battery fed and inserted in plastic or resin enclosures which make them not esthetically invasive and very easy to deploy also in delicate contests such as in proximity of art pieces and in temporary museums, for example. The sensors employed in this solution are equipped also with an accelerometer which identifies the movements of the objects, pointing out a possible theft attempt. Another extended function of these sensors allows localizing precisely the objects, in order to intervene and get the value objects back soon in case of theft. All the alerts regarding the identification of the objects movement as well as the visualization of their movement are available in apposite dashboards of our SmartPlatform.


Basic Function:
  • Monitoring of regular status (and position) of an art piece or a generic good
Connected Function:
  • Monitoring of artwork & goods status (surface temperature, solar radiation, UV…)
  • Monitoring of the environment


Battery feeded Sensor
  • Easy to Install
  • Automation of processes even in complex operational conditions where cabling would be impossible
  • If the status changes, the sensor send a message immediately
  • Smart Device

    This sensor includes an accelerometer and reveals if an object is moving or not. It can include also components for being localized. Possible enclosures: plastic box or resin


    Battery Fed
    Wireless Communication

    Platform Application