Door-Window Monitoring & Automation

Our solution monitors all the openings status: the first step for your building security

The openings of a buildings represent the filter between the private inside and the outside, therefore they have to be properly protected, in order to avoid any intrusions and the connected risks. Our door/window monitoring solution is based on not invasive and easy to deploy magnetic sensors, which are located on the doors and windows and send information regarding their status: open or close. It is possible to develop and implement flexible and various logics to manage this checking activity, according to the contingent customer’s needs: e.g. logics based on time schedules specific for the activities to be executed inside the building. This service can be also extended including the automation of these components through dedicated sections of the SmartPlatform, where are available all the monitored data.


Basic Function:
  • Reveals if a shutter is closed or open
Connected Function:
  • Door / Windors opening status remote control
  • Intrusion through Doos/windowd detection
  • Automation of Door/Window opening (i.e for energy performance issues or Indoor Air Quality)


Battery fed Sensor
  • Easy to Install
  • Automation of processes even in complex operational conditions where cabling would be impossible

Smart Device

This sensor consits in a REED sensor. It is composed by two parts, a magnet and a metallic parts. It reveals if there is a contact between the two parts.

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Battery Fed Wireless

Platform Application