Indoor Access Control

More secure buildings checking and tracking the accesses with our Indoor Access Control solution

Buildings not equipped with access control systems, especially the ones hosting delicate functions, are subject to several risks. Our Indoor Access Control allows tracking and checking the identity of the people entering in a building, for security reasons. Supplying active or passive badges to the building users, it is possible to point out their entry through the accesses which constitute a “gate” that identifies the people transition recognizing their identity through the badges. These devices, very easy to use and to wear, can be assigned in a permanent or temporary way to the people. All the tracked accesses are available, referring to different timeframes, on the SmartPlatform.


Basic Function:
  • Read the presence of an ID device (badge or tag)
Connected Function:
  • Checking Identity and/or Authorizing Operations (for access control, but also machine or equipment activation)
  • Sending Commands (i.e door opening, lights switching on, alarm activation)
  • RTaking on responsibility of Machines


Battery feeded Reader
  • Automation of processes even in complex operational conditions where cabling would be impossible
Voluntary action & Authorization Check
  • The device can be used as prove of the actual willing of the user and also of his/her authorization

Smart Device

System Interface

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Access Tag

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Passive RFID

Platform Application

Access events can be:

  • Recorded in specific event sections
  • Trigger automation and/or commands