Indoor Intrusion Detection

Safer buildings signaling unauthorized presences with our Indoor Intrusion Detection solution

Normally, intruders can easily have access in the buildings not equipped with appropriate controls, with consequent multiple risks. Our Indoor Access Control solution is a not invasive way to check who is entering in a building or in some of its spaces. Supplying the building users with an active or passive tag, very easy to use and wear, it is possible to recognize the people entering in a building or in its certain areas of particular interest, giving immediately an alert in case of access executed by unauthorized people. Our solution allows activating different and complex control logics which prevent from unpleasant mistakes. All the data regarding the several authorized entries as well as the alerts sent immediately in case of unauthorized access are available on the SmartPlatform.


Basic Function:
  • Reveals the presence of a person moving
Connected Functionalities
  • Presence Detection
  • Automation Triggering (i.e. light switching on)


Battery feeded Sensor
  • Easy to Install
  • Automation of processes even in complex operational conditions where cabling would be impossible

Smart Device

This sensor reveals the presence of a person inside its coverage range. Passive Infrared Technology


Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Contact Reed

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Presence Pir

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application

Access events can be:

  • Recorded in specific event sections
  • Trigger automation and/or commands