Real Time People-Assets Location

Increase your security localizing assets and people in your buildings

Our real-time people and asset location solution increases the security of your building, identifying the persons and the items inside it simultaneously and with a high precision. People and assets respectively equipped with active badges and tag sensors can be localized in a zone where there is localization network coverage. The identification and localization activities can be aimed to point out several situations: - Proximity: the identification of people and assets proximity to particular spot points;
  • Area: the localization regards only some specific relevant areas;
  • Ambient: only the entry and the exit of a person/asset are pointed out;
  • 3d: exact localization inside an ambient through triangulation.
The logics of localization are so flexible and can be easily adapted to the customer’s needs and requirements.


Basic Function:
  • Identification of Position of the sensor, in relation to a logical scheme or a 3D Cartesian System
Connected Functionalities:
  • Moving person/objects tracking logics
  • Monitoring/alarm logics depending on localization
  • Monitoring other variables with the same sensor (i.e falling or other mechanical shocks, air temperature or relative humidity…)
  • Authorization Management


Indoor Localization:
  • This technology –differently to GPS- works also in indoor spaces
Scalable Accuracy
  • Increasing Incomes
  • Enhancement of Police Effectiveness
Possible integration with other localization technologies
Possible Integration with other monitoring devices

Smart Device

The ACTIVE badge/tag sensor (different shapes) can be localized in a zone where there is localization network coverage. The Localization Network is composed by a number of Reference Devices.


Battery Fed Wireless Communication


Battery Fed Wireless Communication Inductive Communication

Access Tag

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

RFID Reader

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application