RFID Passive

Increase your security tracking assets and people with our stable RFID tracking solution

RFID passive tracking and E-Ram are the stand-alone solutions to implement specific tracking issues or integrated with SmartPlatform for Security Projects with focus on Asset/People tracking developed in cooperation with our partner Eximia. The RFID technology, Radio-frequency identification (RFID), consists in the wireless use of electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. In comparison with other common technologies like the barcode one, the RFID passive technology presents several advantages, such as:
  • The possibility to work also in difficult conditions, in presence of dirty and contaminations due to environmental, thermal, chemical, mechanical agents
  • direct contact, optical visibility and proper orientation not needed;
  • More space for data collecting and possibility of rewriting.


Basic Function:
  • Assets/People tracking with RFID tags
Connected Functionalities:
  • Correlation of recognized RFID Code with authorizations, depending on identification with other devices: Identification Tag or Badge (active RFID) on board
  • Existing Asset, good inventory integration
  • Process automation in goods moving


RFID technology than the barcode (and other identification technologies), offers numerous advantages:
  • Does not require direct contact and optical visibility, do not need to be oriented towards the tag read
  • The RFID tags are read simultaneously at very high speed (up to 150 tags / sec)
  • The RFID tags are robust, can work in dirty, contaminated and resist even in very difficult conditions (environmental agents, thermal, chemical, mechanical)
  • They are more durable: they contain more data than the barcode and can be re-written and updated (10,000 write cycles) with new information

Smart Device

E-Ram developed by Eximia for stand-alone solutions to implement specific tracking solutions or integrated with SmartPlatform for Security Projects with focus on Asset/People tracking

RFID Reader

Battery Feeded Wireless Communication

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