Vehicle Management

Automatic Number Plate Recognition, Vehicle Classification, SmartParking, Access Control and a suite of browser based Enterprise class applications: All from one integrated, modular and scalable technology suite

In line with our technology philosophy, IPView® LPR VIPER is a scalable, intuitive and robust technology, designed for the end to end access management from one or more graphical consoles. At the core is a combination of our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Vehicle classification technologies, together with a suite of operational and Business Intelligence technologies. Activities are recorded and analyzed in real-time by a library of both “out of the box” and custom policies and processes. The applicative structure is presented as MIP Milestone Integrated Platform for Milestone XProtect® SmartClient. in this way it is possible to integrate with a wide array different video-surveillance functions & applications.

Technology Components

    • IPView LPR VIPER: IP View ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader): The License Plate Recognition technology is based upon our pulsating infrared laser scanner, which builds a digital image of License Plate numbers. Hence, number plates can be unequivocally recognized irrespective of weather or lighting conditions. CE certified, the License Plate Reader also recognizes the number plate syntax of all European countries, the Americas, Russia, Middle East, Africa, New Zeeland, Australia and the ADR codes for dangerous goods. All of our data collection mechanisms buffer data locally in the case of connectivity shortfalls; hence no data is ever lost
    • IP View Classification: ClassOMeter XSCAN 8000 Laser Series is a state of the art laser based technology designed to create digital three dimensional models of vehicles, irrespective of traffic volumes, weather, speeds and lighting conditions
    • Digital Video and Image analysis using OCR technology
    • Web-based Enterprise class applications for the management of alert configurations, monitoring, permissions and invoking workflows to address any violations or prevent potential violations
    • IPView NI Networked Intercom
    • LPR Viper Digital Video Management
    • LPR Viper Parking Lots Capacity Planner