Gate access with LPR


No more inefficient Server-Based OCR. No more disappointments caused by poor functionalities, old technology and dependence onto closed systems. IPView® LPR has been officially certified from Milestone Systems for running natively as a MIP into any recent x64 XProtect System. (Connex Certification USA/2013). Our main benefits are the enormous scalability for running and managing up to an unlimited number of ANPR scanners working in parallel and the capability to provide Enterprise functionalities. IPView® LPR is an intelligent investment based on international standards as the last generation of .NET on which the software is released. Massive data is managed with Microsoft SQL Server and written efficiently thanks to specific techniques. Here License Plates ANPR Metadata, contextual images and Milestone Video are synchronized for real time event tagging. Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles License Plate readings are performed in real time. Depending on the ANPR scanners adopted, License Plates are recognized up to 60, 150 and 250KM/h, up to 70 frames per second. Thanks to pulsed IR laser LED technology embedded into the ANPR scanners the recognition of license plates is guaranteed under all light and weather conditions, also by head lights on and by disturbing light. Standard release of our scanners contains CE License Plates or international syntaxes provided for free. SmartParking module can be easily extended to offer other features. In conjunction with Video Surveillance and/or in-vehicle Permission Tags, control parking relative to permissions, billable duration. Ticket routing to authorities or security for unauthorized parking


Licence Plate Recognition for authorization check
  • Identification of Position of the sensor, in relation to a logical scheme or a 3D Cartesian System
Connected Functionalities:
  • Correlation of recognized plate number with authorizations, depending on identification with other devices: Parking Management, Identification Tag or Badge (active RFID) on board
  • Presence of the vehicle for triggering gate (or other access system) automation


  • Integration with existing gate management solutions
  • Automatic violation identification: Increasing Incomes, Enhancement of Police Effectiveness

Smart Device

This specific sets of cams are able to capture and identify correctly Licence Plate with high speed image capture fron 30/fps up tu 75/fps, working in many light conditions and with any kind of plate. Need to be placed on fixed support and needs electical power and stable data connection

LPR Scan

Electrical Fed

Platform Application

LPR Server works as Milestone Plug-In for stand-alone solutions to implement White/Black lists or integrated with SmartPlatform for Security Projects