Digital Signage

The term “paperless office” was coined when it was expected that electronic communication would eliminate paper. On the contrary, the use of paper has risen exponentially thanks to greater levels of communication. 
This has associated cost and environmental impacts. Electronic paper is an emerging solution

Smart Paper is based upon paper like electronic screens offered in various sizes which are designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Content can be easily transmitted bi-directionally using the Evolvea Smart Network, and stored in the Evolvea data center as a service. The Evolvea Smart Paper range of products come in sizes ranging from 2,7” to 10” and have a battery life span of 2 years or more. Touch screen or non-touch screen versions are available as well as the possibility to apply signatures. It is of course possible to develop Apps for these devices and/or integrate with enterprise applications Applications include; Business and Production processes, Pricing, Time-Tables and Rosters, Documents for reading whilst in transit, and many more