Smart City

Subtle, Smart Powerful – Completely wireless, Completely cloud based, Making Cities more efficient, inviting, healthy and secure

Imagine if our cities could talk; if they could give us up-to-date status updates on traffic patterns, pollution levels, available parking spaces; they would help us to manage utilities such as water, power and lighting. Imagine how that kind of information could improve the economic and environmental health of the city for residents, merchants, and visitors alike. Imagine how it could improve working conditions and productivity for the people who maintain the city. Smart City connects people to real-time information about what is happening in the city relative to their needs and lifestyles, resulting in greater levels of simplicity, efficiency and lower levels of stress. The SmartCity platform enables unprecedented levels of communication between people, their city and those responsible for delivering the services necessary. The Evolvea Platform includes a comprehensive suite of Governance and Management application, plus the plugins necessary for third party applications. Following is a list of SmartCity applications delivered by the Evolvea SmartPlatform. Thanks to its modular design, City authorities can scale their activities based upon specific requirements, extending to other areas as the SmartCity initiative evolves.