Smart Lighting

For reasons of safety and convenience, Public Lighting is absolutely essential for all streets in all cities. What is also true, this carries with a major costs in terms of energy consumption, maintenance and administration. Unless…

The Evolvea SmartLighting solution transforms common street poles into intelligent and connected components in wide and local area networks. This enables to a greater control of lighting – as and when it is needed. Intelligence based remote monitoring, maintenance and measurement of consumption at granular levels. Efficient asset management. Charging stations for electric vehicles. Connection of other devices to the same network to support a wide range of SmartCity initiatives such as traffic monitoring and SmartParking. Geo localization of specific lamps on the city map. All this features contribute to greater levels of safety of comfort, whilst reducing costs and adverse environmental impacts.


Basic Function:
  • A device applicable to any type of equipment
  • Network of wireless devices
  • Management level brightness
  • Management switching
  • Diagnostic fault
  • Measuring consumption


  • Reduced power consumption due to improved control of each individual street light
  • Ease of maintenance due to accurate monitoring of lamp conditions and proactive scheduling of planned maintenance activities
  • With reduced power consumption comes reduced CO² emissions

Smart Device

Street Lamp

Electrical Fed
Wireless Communication

Platform Application