Limited Traffic Zone

Environment, Congestion, Safety, Lifestyle and Local economy are some of the major drivers for local authorities to introduce Traffic Free Zones or Zones of Limited Traffic as a key control mechanism to ensure the overall well-being of its city, its inhabitants, local business and visitors. One of the major challenges is to find one modular suite of technology to provide end to end management of such initiatives, in a very cost effective way. Introducing IPView LPP License Plate Portal from Evolvea

IPView License Plate Portal is a fully certified system for the end to end monitoring and management of Traffic Free Zones, Zones of Limited Traffic, Public Parking and Vehicle Classification and with a comprehensive Web-based suite of applications, integrating citizens, authorities and city administration. Highly scalable and agile, LPP can address projects of varying dimension and complexity, whilst being easily configurable to apply generic and specific policies (e.g. Policy enforcement for specific times). LPPTM is the first end to end solution of its type bringing together original and patent pending technologies such as its License Plate Readers and all the further IPView devices listed here below. Specially designed web-based applications permits the ICT platform to seamlessly integrate all of the main components to ensure correspondence to all most common ICT Security standards.

State of the Art Technology

IP View ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Reader):
  • The License Plate Recognition technology is based upon our pulsating infrared laser scanner, which builds a digital image of License Plate numbers. Hence, number plates can be unequivocally recognized irrespective of weather or lighting conditions. CE certified, the License Plate Reader also recognizes the number plate syntax of all European countries, the Americas, Russia, Middle East, Africa, New Zeeland, Australia and the ADR codes for dangerous goods. All of our data collection mechanisms buffer data locally in the case of connectivity shortfalls; hence no data is ever lost.
License Plate Portal ERP:
  • At the heart of the LPP is a suite of core applications designed to manage the data collected in real-time. In essence, the main components of this application are;
LP Black Lists Manager (part of the Compliance module)
  • It is used to issue structured and scheduled alerts to operators on any violations to the rules set up in the policy center. From here, the operator can initiate a series of processes to manage the violation.
LP GIS Manager:
  • Based on the international ESRI GIS standard permits to manage GEO Localized alarms, Central GIS Management and Mobile GIS Allarm for any Mobile Android device.
ERP & Reporting:
  • A suite of transactions for the processing, printing and administration of data and documents relevant to pre-configured processes. This includes the generation and issue of fines for violation and the management of the payment process including reminders.

The main components are

Digital Video Management:
  • EGenerate and manage full high definition images of events in conjunction with license plate numbers collected. This is very useful in cases of conflict and/or legal proceedings. Made in conjunction with the Milestone XProtect DVMS thanks to the international & common Partnership.
User Portal:
  • Users and citizens alike can access their information via secure and custom built portals, hence creating a modern, transparent and comprehensive platform for the communications between authorities and its citizens.
Parking Lots Capacity Planner:
  • In conjunction with the exclusive suite of EVOLVEA unwired Zigbee Outdoor Car Presence Sensors up to hundreds of thousands of parking lots sensors can be configured for managing Parking Zones and Public Parking Rules capacity planning and also Urban and Suburban information panels.
Cloud Services: License Plate Portal SaaS
  • Running within our state of the art, 24/7 supported European Datacenter, authorities don’t need to concern themselves with additional IT infrastructure. Developed and managed in accordance with ICT standards such as ITIL v.4, and formerly certified for running on the most common Virtualization Platforms our Datacenter, so users can access the system, irrespective of their physical location. Granular logging and structured parallel database support provides the ability to run any service and device for multiple accounting at any time.

Smart Device

This specific sets of cams are able to capture and identify correctly Licence Plate with high speed image capture fron 30/fps up tu 75/fps, working in many light conditions and with any kind of plate. Need to be placed on fixed support and needs electical power and stable data connection

LPR Scan

Electrical Fed