Parking Management

SmartParking is a complete and modular system for the management of parking spaces whether in on public streets, public car parks or within private structures. The solution is based on the real-time monitoring of parking spaces, their status, whether the occupant vehicle is permitted

SmartParking is a highly innovative solution which indicates in real-time exactly where parking spaces are available. Whether using mobile Apps, or digital signage panels, motorist will no longer have to play “musical chairs” on city streets, hoping to be in the right place at the right time. Specially designed, self-powering sensors and transmission devices are embedded in the asphalt of each parking space. The vehicle itself creates a sort of magnetic pressure towards the earth’s gravity, and this enables the sensor to deduct the presence of this vehicle. Completely tamper-proof, the sensors are installed in a specially designed housing which is installed in specifically drilled holes of 120mm in depth, and 25mm in diameter. The installation legislates for works to be carried out on the parking spaces such as cleaning, snow removal and resurfacing. Connected via the Evolvea SmartNetwork, the sensors, the bi-directional communication enables maintenance and “on-the fly” configuration activities, as well as the real-time communication with the central control system.


Basic Function:
  • Monitoring if a parking lot is busy or free
Connected Functionalities:
  • Guiding park finding
Correlation of the parking lot state with authorizations, depending on identification with other devices:
  • License Plate Reading (authorization related to the License ID)
  • Identification Tag or Badge (active RFID) on board
Presence of the vehicle for triggering gate (or other access system) automation


Reduction of Parking Search Time:
  • Enhancement of Parking Management Policy
  • Reduction of CO2 Emissions
Automatic violation identification
  • Increasing Incomes
  • Enhancement of Police Effectiveness
Dynamic Price Definition

Smart Device

This sensore reveals the presence of a vehicle in the above region. Concrete Floor Sensor: to be screwed on the floor (internal parking). Asphalt/Ground Sensor: to be placed underground and sealed by resin in the road pavement (roads and external parking)

Parking Ground

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Parking Floor

Battery Fed Wireless Communication

Platform Application