Traffic Management

Intelligent, agile and intuitive traffic management systems are emerging as one of the main contributors to the SmartCity initiative

IPView© License Plate Portal is an end to end solution designed for the management of traffic , Zones of limited traffic, whether as a permanent fixture or for specific time periods. In essence, the IPView License Plate Portal consists of the following elements.


  • Automatic and real-time recognition of vehicles, their dimensions and their license plates
  • Classification of all the European Community States CE28. Switzerland, RSM and extra CE available on request
  • Complete management of access permissions, expiries, renewals, exceptions etc.
  • Business intelligence engine for reporting ranging from high level dashboards to granular details
  • Accumulate traffic intelligence: Volumes, Times, Average Speeds
  • Irrespective of traffic dynamics; Fast moving, slow, in line, stationary
Presence of the vehicle for triggering gate (or other access system) automation


  • Vehicular classification (8 + 1 categories according to ANAS guidelines)
  • A completely integrated fine management Application – From automatic generation through to issue & print
  • Open interface to enable Web based applications – For example fines or request tracking
  • Approved Street portals, based on the best license plate scanning technologies and high definition video
  • Payment management, notifications, reminders, closure, reporting, etc.

Platform Application