Security Management

Holistic security solutions for construction sites, buildings and industry. Integrated solutions for access control for people and equipment, coupled with an intelligent video surveillance platform

Security is a holistic term for the health, safety and safe keeping of people, plant & equipment in virtually all working environments. This definition is at the heart of the Evolvea technology platform which integrates previously disparate security measures, into one Platform. Keeping one’s finger on the pulse of all potential threats from a central location, coupled with best in class remediation workflows designed for both real-time counter processes and preventative measures, is key towards achieving water-tight security across organizations;
Intelligent wearables, a wide range of sensors, surveillance and monitoring, access management are just some of the features integrated in the highly modular Evolvea SmartPlatform of technology and applications. All security measures are logged, hence fined grained audit reports are available at the touch of a button.