Smart Technology

Constantly pushing the barriers to innovate technology which safeguards people, working and living environments, while improving lifestyles

With this philosophy is at its core, our Research and Development is constantly at the technology forefront to enable our environments to answer to our requirements, keep us healthy and safer and improve our standards of living.

Our R & D consists of a well-orchestrated, multidisciplinary team of technical, ICT, legal, environmental and sociology experts, delivering the most complete, yet modular SmartTechnology Platform, which addresses a plethora of Public, Private, Environmental and industrial challenges, with extreme efficiency.

In conjunction with a wide range of data collecting SmartSensors, IoT Cloud platform and a wide range of vertical applications, Evolvea boasts the first battery powered Mesh Network, the components of which have a life cycle of between 15 to 20 years.

Experts refer to our network as “literally drag and drop”, referring to one’s ability to install the Evolvea networks within a short period of time, deeming it suitable for not just permanent deployments, but also for temporary ones, for reuse elsewhere. The main components of the Network are interconnected routers, which operate together to find the fastest data routes, and deliver high levels of redundancy.

IP enabled gateways enable the building of sub networks and the transmission of data to our data center via all standard internet protocols.

On the front end, sensors and tags collect data, and transmit these via our SmartNetwork to our data center, where a Big Data enabled processing stack normalizes and aggregates all data, presenting this to a suite of interactive applications. Upon this platform, we have implemented all the tools necessary for the development of IoT applications, also presenting APIs for third party developments, and of course virtualization.


  • Smart Network
    The SmartNetwork is the central nervous system of the Evolvea SmartPlatform
  • Tag & Sensors
    Evolvea employs a wide range of high tech sensors; Environmental, Chemical, Structural and Physical, the data foundation for a huge amount of applications
  • Smart Platform IoT Cloud & Big Data
    One of the most advanced OpenSource Platforms to date, the Evolvea IoT cloud Platform is designed specifically for the interconnections of literally millions of devices, presented ultimately as a Software Service to the client. The Evolvea cloud is ISO 27001 conform