Smart Network

Deployed across the coverage area, the SmartNetwork enables real-time, bi-directional communication, collection of data via its sensors, automate devices, invoke processes, manage energy, traffic, infrastructures and so on, the list is endless

The Evolvea SmartNetwork employees powerful components, with an internal power-supply, for both internal and external deployments, to provide latency free communication between sensors, tags (active or passive) and/or actuators, whether fixed and mobile.

Installation is literally “drag and drop”, hence networks can be easily extended just by placing devices in the vicinity and flicking the switch, the devices then connect themselves.
The power supply boasts a lifespan of upwards on 15 years, hence is completely independent of external power, while possessing high levels of intelligence, for ease of installation & maintenance, high levels of redundancy, and a low total cost of ownership.

The Evolvea SmartNetwork is not designed for one off projects, but as a growing and adapting platform as the capability of the internet of things continues to evolve. At its core, the wide array of technologies, offer unpreceded levels of agility for the continuously emerging indoor and outdoor applications.

Dual Technology transmission

Thanks to the use of diverse technologies, one router can guarantee coverage of up to 8KM, thus simplifying all types of deployments, keeping costs to a minimum and enabling large degrees of redundancy


  • LoraTM based wireless star network for long range low data rate communication
  • Network device gives 50 – 250 m wireless coverage
  • Very efficient and reliable in consistent communication scenario.
  • Easy network deployment.
  • 250 kbps

Low-Power Wide-Area

  • Network device gives 2-15 km
    wireless coverage.
  • Very efficient and reliable in consistent
    communication scenario
  • SIM-card free wireless service
  • 1 kbps

SmartMesh proprietary technology

Reliability, ease of installation and unprecedented efficiency. Whether for internal or external deployments, the advanced technology used in our Network components of Routers and Localization buoys, the on board power supply has an average life span of 15 – 20 years, having a very positive impact on the TCO of the Platform. Zero cabling installations results in very fast time to value, high levels of agility and major cost and time effort benefits.

One integrated Platform for Monitoring and Managing

The Evolvea Smart-Network components can be easily configured from any device (pc, tablet, or smartphone), by just connecting directly to the Evolvea Smart Platform Once connected, the platform will manage the device, proactively giving status updates and other types of information for the management of the network

Localization… Accuracy to within centimeters

The Evolvea Smart-Network is the only network of its type in the world capable of the localization of objects with an to within a few centimeters, irrespective of whether indoor or outdoor deployments. This is made possible through the clever combination of Radio and Magnetic frequencies.


Mash technology or Star topology: Using a highly innovative configurator, it is easy to configure each component as part of a Mesh or a Star network topology, depending on needs. This greatly reduces the investment needed to implement the SmartNetwork

Smart Network - Infrastructure


Electrical Fed (Network or Solar) IP connection (LAN, GPRS, UMTS)


Battery Fed Wireless Communication

(Localization Reference)

Battery Fed Wireless Communication Inductive Communication


Battery Fed Wireless Communication