Smart Platform IoT & Big Data

Leveraging off the Internet of Things and Big Data Paradigms, the Evolvea SmartPlatform is a fully integrated stack of Infrastructure and Application technolgies, designed for the delivery of Smart Solution in particular Internet Of Thing’s Solutions based on Cloud based Services

The Evolvea Smart Platform is consists of a perfectly orchestrated suite of homogenous, software components, overcoming actual available solutions limits through constant research and development to define new operational standards in the construction and provision of smart IoT solutions.

The efficient design and implementation of IoT based solutions, entails the employment of a platform designed for the seamless integration of standard services and enterprise applications.

An edge to core platform, ranges from IoT networks, through to the use of complex predictive algorithms based on the data collected. As illustrated, the Evolvea SmartPlatform consists of building block of core modules and interfacing modules for easy integration and the implementation of new features.
The following model illustrates the paradigms and their levels,
upon which framework the Evolvea SmartPlatform has been developed

SmartNetwork and Big-Data Store:
Ability to collect, store and manage BigData

In order to design and implement a digital representation of the reality, it is necessary to implement a network of various sensor types, which collect and deliver the different types of data being generated across environments to a central processing facility.

The Evolvea SmartPlatform receives, processes and stores this data, offering a single point of management of all components across the sensor network as well as legacy devices.

This enables the proactive monitoring of the status within the network of wireless sensors also already existing, which is easily extended in terms of coverage and functionality.

The ensures the preservation of previous investments, which is the basis for further investment.

The Data which arrives from the sensor based reality is of a very high volume and speed, and applications often require an immediate processing.

This is not possible using standard relational database management systems.

The Evolvea SmartPlatform is based upon a mature suite of technologies architected for the processing of Big Data. Highly performant, the platform is designed for the speedy collection, persistence and retrieval of data.

In SmartPlatform we adopt the term "measures" which covers both the data row measured in the field. In addition, for the data derived from its processing, we adopt the term "snapshot" for all messages of coordination, monitoring and implementation that are exchanged with the outside world and between the modules of the platform itself.

In order to manage this information, it is vital to be able to store it correctly, without having to cut corners or make compromise due to the limitations of traditional database management systems.

Virtual Sensors and Historical Data:
Ability to process and collate data and information

Large amounts of data and the ability to process this, form the basis to create new levels of intelligence based on trends and a wide range of variables.

The SmartPlatform entails features such as Steam Computing and Interpolation which enables the efficient processing of this data in real-time, and indeed the reduction of volumes through the consolidation of several values into one via mathematical algorithms in line with application requirements.

This level of processing is mainly covered by the virtual sensors which are assigned to apply models to the measured data, returning calculate data. This data is reliable and contains highly accurate information, thus ensuring an effective monitoring activities.

Functional Sensors, Status and Widgets:
Ability to assign a system status, perform simulations
and diagnostics and activate monitoring and interventions

In order to manage and optimize a system, it is important to have a system which continuously learns and improves, in accordance with trends, measurements and intelligence, bridging the gap between status quo and aspired targets.

When it comes to complex systems such energy or safety management, a winning platform is one capable of returning not only a coherent status of the system, but also in an intuitive way for those charged with governing the system and specific process.

SmartPlatform incorporates the most advanced technologies for probabilistic analysis of data through the use of runtime libraries based on Bayesian logic. This enables the simplification of the system by reducing most discriminating variables to monitor the most significant ones.

The SmartPlatform enables Simulation and diagnostics, which allows for the insertion of a trend model of measures across the system. This is ideal to understand the implications of such measures, and eventual cause and affect analyses.

As well as being the result of an engineering activity in the domain itself (Energy, Environment, Construction etc), a Functional Sensor the result of the modeling of the system and at the same time a control instrument.

Data is the key. Having highly accurate and upto date system data available, a SCADA interface can be modelled, setting thresholds, alarms and automated interventions, the very concept at the heart of Smart System.

The SmartPlatform widget set can be easily extended in order to address specific needs as the platform evolves. The continuous Evolution of the platform sees the creation of multidisciplinary functionalities for monitoring, actuation and proactive prevention, based upon wide sources of data and intelligence made possible by the Smart Platform.

As the SmartPlatform evolve, Single sensors can be used in different contexts, continuing to generate more value for organizations across different disciplines.

Manage, Predict, Act

The philosophy behind the management system is that it provides instant and accurate reflection of the environments, which in turn are analyzed by models based upon best practices, aspired targets and indeed the system intelligence. Deviations from the aspired model are detected and addressed, hence the multidisciplinary and continuous improvement of organizations in terms of effectiveness and efficiency is guaranteed.

The SmartPlatform enables the central modelling of the system from one intuitive instrument, enabling the consistent, evolutionary modeling of the system.

A fully integrated Building Information Management system (BIM) overlayed with data from the Smart Platform, creates the visual, contextual basis for not just the management of the Building, but also the predictive intervention for the components monitored.

Models can be defined within AS BUILT, and the sensors associated with specific components deliver status data, hence analyzing planned versus real values on a micro level. The libraries available enable the definition of threshold values, and predict necessary maintenance activities.
This data can also be easily integrated with forecasts, or indeed added to historical data to conduct simulation, again all geared towards proactive interventions. All knowledge and experience acquired, are combined with best practices which is at the core of continuous improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of Buildings, Plant & Equipment.

The integration of visualization tools, icons, diagrams etc, deem the user experience much more intuitive and effective. Such tools accelerate greatly the process of interpretation, leaving much more scope for continuous innovation

Verticalizations available

Real-time monitoring historical data